Being a fan of revenge movies, especially ones where the bullied school outsider gets to kill off their classmates in gruesome fashion (à la the 1974 classic Twisted Brain), I was looking forward to this homegrown horror. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Tormented is Skins meets Scream, laced with St Trinian’s humour. The characters are simple caricatures (goth, stud, slut, nice girl, you get the picture), but as this is a spoof of sorts, it sort of fits.

And boy, how the times have changed! Back in the 1980s, a shower scene meant lots of nubile naked girls, but in Tormented, it’s the muscular stud who gets his kit off before having his head impaled on the school fence.

And that’s what this British horror serves up best: inspired death scenes. Decapitation. Nostril impalement. Hands and boys’ bits being severed. Horror fans will get a chuckle or two from this. Oh, and that really is Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy star Sandra Dickinson playing a kooky art teacher. Now, my only query is, why does Tormented need 17 producers?

Released 28 September