Pete’s Peek | The Burrowers


What an intriguing concept, a horror Western. From the director of Mimic 3: Sentinel (JT Petty) comes this dark tale set in the Dakota Territories during the 1870s, where men are men, and the Indians are – well, nervous.

In this pioneer wilderness, Irish immigrant Fergus Coffey wants to marry Maryanne when she and her family are brutally abducted by unseen forces. A posse (made up of William Mapother, Doug Hutchison and Clancy Brown aka Lost’s Ethan Rom, Horace Goodspeed and Kelvin Inman) is then formed to rescue the kidnapped settlers.

But when some of the men start disappearing, the group discover that their prey ain’t the local Indians, but creatures living in the bowels of the Earth.


Petty’s direction is great at getting the Western theme across. But the viewer has to watch the posse ride out across the vast badlands for a full hour until there’s any kind of action.

And just like those old B-grade sci-fi’s of the 1950s, the creatures aren’t fully revealed until the climax. Which is a shame, as we were really hoping for another Tremors – which masterfully showed how scary creatures living under your feet can be. Plus, when you watch the extras and see how much work went into creating the creatures, it’s a pity the script didn’t give them more screen time.

Released 13 July