Pete’s Peek | The definitive release of Fulci’s zombie classic City of the Living Dead


When it comes to 1980’s zombie films, Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead is the one many cite as being amongst the best. Despite being a huge fan of the genre, I have only ever been able to watch a terrible VHS hacked-to-bits version.

Now Fulci’s monstrous masterpiece is back from the grave, fully restored, uncut, and on Blu-ray as well as DVD, thanks to the folks at Cult Labs and Arrow Video.

For those not familiar with the story (as if it really matters, because it’s the gory set pieces we really want to see), TV’s immortal Christopher George plays a New York reporter who travels to Dunwich in New England with a psychic to stop the ghost of a priest from opening the gates of hell, an act that will allow the dead to rise.

But while they try to find a way to close the portal – aided by a psychiatrist and his patient – the dead priest’s spirit is already turning the local townspeople into brain squashing zombies.


Hauntingly atmospheric, thanks to Fabio Frizzi’s heart pounding score, the creepy locations (actually Savannah, Georgia) and the sublime cinematography, Fulci’s masterpiece (including its memorable gory set pieces like Giovanni Lombaro Radice