Pete’s Peek | The Uninvited


Nodding its hat to the South Korean cult hit A Tale of Two Sisters (on which it is based), The Others and The Orphan, The Uninvited is a beautifully looking thriller that is definitely in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle genre of films, but the gorgeous cinematography harks back to the Technicolor days of Leave Her To Heaven. Indeed, even its lead, Emily Browning, looks like the younger kid sister of that film’s star, Gene Tierney.

High praise indeed, but Browning is just totally convincing as Anna, who has just been released from a mental hospital after slashing her wrists because she could not get over witnessing the horrific death of her mother.

Returning home she finds Rachel – the nurse who cared for her ailing mother – is now her father’s new girlfriend, and Anna’s sister Alex is fearful she is taking over. When a background check uncovers Rachel is not her real name, and Anna starts having visions of her mother telling her that Rachel killed her, the two sisters set out to unmask Rachel as a killer.

Cue: loads of suspense, tension, and brilliantly creeping dread as you find yourself hoping Rachel gets her just desserts. I won’t continue, as I don’t want to spoil the incredible twists and turns of this, the best chiller of the year. Oh, and Christopher Young’s score is just divine.

Whatever you do, don’t watch the extras until after you have seen The Uninvited, the climax will have you choking on your popcorn.

Released 19 October