Pete’s Peek |The vampire genre gets some new blood with Daybreakers


Back in 1979, there was a cool but flawed modern-day Australian vampire movie called Thirst, in which a secret society of bloodsuckers were trying to take over the world. Now I always wanted a sequel in which the vampires were in control and the remaining humans fought to stay alive. Finally I have my wish thanks to two Aussie brothers, Peter and Michael Spierig.

The siblings vampire flick Daybreakers takes place in 2019, 10 years after a disease outbreak has turned most of the world’s population into vampires. But constant feeding on the surviving humans has resulted in a crippling blood shortage. The result being that vampires starved of blood are beginning turn into cannibalistic creatures dubbed ‘subsiders’.

Ethan Hawkes plays Edward, the chief scientist who is charged by his sinister corporate boss Bromley (Sam Neill) to find an alternative to farming humans. But when Edwards discovers that Bromley only wants the alternative for the masses while keeping humans for the rich, he decides to join a small band of resistance fighters who are intent on finding a cure for vampirism. Amongst their lot is Willem Defoe’s former vampire Elvis, who reverted to human form after being exposed to the sun (hence the film’s title). Could he be mankind’s hope for survival?


If you are tired of the teenage angst of the Twilight saga and TV’s Vampire Diaries, and felt cheated by the wannabe comic book heroics of the Underworld and Blade franchises, then Daybreakers is the new blood this genre has so desperately craved for.

Clever script, great production design, top acting (Hawkes has never been better), and loads of blown-up, burned and devoured bodies makes this a wicked action adventure that won’t leave you disappointed.

I do hope that the Spierig brothers turn their attentions to the werewolf genre once they have finished their sequel to The Dark Crystal. Hey guys, how about remaking Howling III: The Marsupials?

Released 31 May


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