Pete’s Peek | Thicker Than Water at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival


Welcome to Sugar Loaf, New York where nothing happens unless you’re Laura and her dysfunctional Munsters-like family – closeted science nerd brother, Ray; vegetarian twin sister Helen; and former Bulgarian figure-skater mother.

After surviving her 16th birthday party, ‘Id rather be gay in Texas’, where her twin hits on a boy she has eyes for, Emo Laura puts an acne hex on her sister. The next day, Helen falls dead. Laura thinks its her fault, until Ray discovers Helen has a rare blood disorder – which means she can be resurrected, so long as she gets some blood.

When Helen returns from the dead, Ray and Laura are forced to find victims for Helen to feed on. But her cravings get out of hand, and she becomes needier and bitchier than she was before she died.

This ultra low budget homemade horror is very ambitious – part of an intended trilogy. The actors give their all, especially JoJo Hristova as the mother. But their energetic performances are let down by the film’s poor production values. Someone should give these filmmakers some cash: there’s talent here and it shouldn’t be wasted.

Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries, Part 1 is showing at this weekend’s first-ever Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

(Monday, 19 October, 3pm)