Pete’s Peek | Tonight’s British Horror Classic | Satan’s Slave


From Inseminoid director Norman J Warren comes this almost forgotten tale of British sleaze horror from 1976. The wonderful Michael Gough plays devil worshipper Alexander Yorke, who lures his niece Catherine (Candace Glendenning) to his remote country by estate in a diabolic bid to resurrect a witch.

Following the death of her parents (they’re both blown to bits in the family car), Catherine takes up her kindly uncle’s offer to stay with his son Stephen (former Fellini favourite, Martin Potter) and secretary Frances (Barbara Kellerman, aka Angela in 1980’s The Monster Club), where she begins to have weird premonitions and starts falling for cousin Stephen, who harbours dark secrets of his own.

Gough’s Alexander then has a devilish time playing with Catherine’s sanity as he waits the appointed time of her sacrifice, which happens to coincide with her 20th birthday. Cue: strange dream sequences, copious amounts of female nudity, and some memorable death scenes.

Satan’s Slave is yet another obscure Brit horror gem which deserves a wider audience, if only for Gough’s scene-stealing turn.

Satan’s Slave is showing on BBC2 tonight at 2am

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