Being a huge fan of crap movies, especially ones involving mutant animals on the rampage (Night of the Lepus, Empire of the Ants, and Prophecy spring to mind), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Zombeak, the new horror comedy about a satanic killer zombie chicken. Oh how I was so disappointed.

In a plot that recalls Kenny Everett’s Bloodbath at the House of Death, a group of satanists, dressed like they just stepped out of a comic book, kidnap a waitress they want to use to raise Satan. But their plans go awry when Lucifer ends up possessing a sacrifical chicken. Cue: a very bad hand puppet attacking the cast who scream out their dialogue as though this was an episode of South Park.

Zombeak looks like a bad porn movie made on someone’s home computer. Even the special effects are just the fireworks setting on some cheap editing software.

An ‘orgy of violence’. Give me a break, even Night of the Lepus wasn’t this bad and at least that had Lana Turner in it. This is just a turd. For a better horror comedy that was made on a home computer, check out AA De Wynter’s hilarious homage to the Dr Phibes’ films in Vincent Resurrectus: Riddle of the Maps.

Released 1 March