When it comes to jaw-dropping martial-arts adventure, Asian cinema is virtually unbeatable with its talented stable of young directors and special effects wizards using the latest CGI technology to create some of the most inspired, mind-blowing action scenes imaginable. Add in some epic stories about love, betrayal and conquest and you have the perfect Sunday sorted. To help you find your inner ninja, here’s my rundown of some of the best new releases coming to a home screen near you.

Assassin Rising (on DVD from July 4)
As civil war rages through the land, a mighty army cuts a bloody path towards the capital only to be stopped dead in their tracks by an elite fighting unit, the Black Cats, charged with protecting a small village. But the invaders have a secret weapon – a beautiful enchantress whose dark magic could turn the tide of the war. Rich in both epic scale and visionary style, Assassin Rising (released on 4 July) is a breathtaking ride, which raises the bar in the action genre. Check out the official site, here.


The Warrior’s Path

The Warrior And The Wolf

Demon Empire

Edge of the Empire (on DVD)
An epic tale set during the dark years of the 12th century Han Empire. When the Emperor raises taxes to fund a bloody war, tensions mount and atrocities are committed at the behest of the Emperor. Rising up to avenge his loved ones; a young farm hand becomes a deadly warrior to defend his nation. But his bravery is soon put to the test in one of the bloodiest battles ever fought.


Blades of Blood

Ninjas vs. Vampires (on DVD from 22 August)
At the polar opposite end of the quality CGI spectrum comes this ultra low-budget comedy adventure that was actually made in Virginia. Following the abduction of his dream girl, a nerdy teenager enlists the aid of a group of ninjas to help rescue her and discovers a powerful vampire overlord is on a mission to destroy humanity. Released through Vicious Circle Films

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