Peter Barlow overdoes the festive spirits!

Peter Barlow knows he has more than a drink problem when he ruins his son’s Christmas, reveals Coronation Street‘s Chris Gascoyne!

Peter’s drinking wrecks Christmas before it’s even here. What happens?

“He gets an enormous Christmas tree and Leanne helps him decorate it with Simon. But once Simon’s in bed Peter starts on the booze and makes a move on Leanne. She pushes him away and he falls into the tree, wrecking it. Simon wakes up and sees it all.”

Then he ruins Simon’s school nativity play… Is it drink again?

“It is. Simon has a big role and Peter turns up drunk and late. He barges in and brings the play to a standstill then gets thrown out. When I did that scene I just wanted to die for Peter.”

And how does he end up nearly thumping Ken?

“Ken and Deirdre take Simon home with them after the play and when Peter goes to collect him Ken says he can’t have Simon until he can prove he is responsible. Peter’s about to hit Ken, but Leanne pulls him away.”

Does Peter even accept he has a serious drink problem?

“He’s in denial. Ken keeps trying to tell him but he won’t listen.”

How does he feel about letting his son down so badly?

“When he sobers up he feels terrible. He’s spoilt Simon’s day. But while everyone is furious with him, all Simon wants is for his daddy to hear his line from the play.”

Is Peter ashamed of himself?

“For the first time he realises Simon loves him and Peter breaks down and cries.”

And he agrees to let Simon spend Christmas with Ken and Deirdre?

“It’s the last thing he wants, but he wants Simon to have a good Christmas and knows he needs time to sort himself out.”

Could Peter become a good dad?

“As the story continues you’ll see that he could be a fantastic dad. He loves Simon, it’s just that he feels he’s not good enough to look after him.”

And what about Leanne?

“He really wants to prove to her he’s an OK guy. Sex isn’t all he wants. She’s providing a cosy home life with Simon which feels like a ready-made family.”

Could they become a proper family?

“Possibly. But it’ll be a long journey…”

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