Peter Cushing Centenary | The Horror Channel celebrates the iconic actor’s 100th birthday

Today, The Horror Channel (Sky 319, Virgin 149, Freesat 138) celebrates 100 years of the birth of one of the country’s most beloved actors, Peter Cushing OBE with three films from his long film career, and a classic episode from the 1980s TV horror anthology series, Hammer House of Hammer.

10am Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)
In the fourth of Hammer’s Frankenstein series, directed by Terence Fisher, Peter Cushing’s obsessed scientist Baron Frankenstein embarks upon his most ambitious work – bringing a young maiden (Susan Denberg) back to life using the soul of an executed man.

12noon The Blood Beast Terror (1968)
Victorian-set horror in which Peter Cushing plays a Scotland Yard detective investigating a series of grisly deaths in the English countryside and discovers an entomology professor (Robert Flemying) is trying to create a mate for his half-woman/half-moth daughter (Wanda Ventham aka Beneditch Cumberbatch’s mum).

1.30pm I, Monster (1971)
In this Amicus adaptation of the Jekyll & Hyde story, Christopher Lee plays Charles Marlowe, a psychologist who invents a drug that releases his patients’ inhibitions. But when Marlowe tests it on himself, he becomes the cruel, murderous Edward Blake. It’s up to Peter Cushing’s lawyer to discover the truth.

3pm The Beast Must Die (1974)
This 1970s action whodunit sees Cushing playing lycanthropy expert Dr Lundgre – one of a number of invited guests of a wealthy sportsman (Calvin Lockhart) who believes one of them is a werewolf. Near the conclusion, the audience have a 30-second interlude during which they can decide, who the hunted beast is.

4.50pm Hammer House of Horror:
The Silent Scream
Cushing gives a finely tuned performance as Martin Blueck, an ex-Nazi doctor posing as a seemingly kindly pet shopkeeper who befriends a released convict, Chuck Spillers (Brian Cox) only to trap him and his wife in his latest experiment. Classic chills.

***NEWS IN!*** There are just a handful of tickets left for the May 29 screening of Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell at BFI Southbank in London, which will be introduced by two stars from the film, Madeline Smith and Dave Prowse, plus the editors of the Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs, Jonathan Rigby and Joyce Broughton (Cushing’s secretary). Click here

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