Peter Firth says fans can expect a ‘fantastic twist’ ending to Undeniable

Former Spooks star Peter Firth says viewers can expect a ‘fantastic twist’ to the conclusion of ITV thriller Undeniable.

Viewers more used to seeing Peter defend his country in Spooks have seen him on the wrong side of the law playing Andrew Rawlins, a respected oncologist accused of murder.

Although a blood test cleared Andrew’s name in last week’s opening episode, Jane Fielding (Claire Goose) remains convinced he killed her pregnant mother Annie 23 years earlier.

In the concluding episode of the two-part drama (Monday, April 14) Jane’s on a mission to prove Andrew’s guilty, and viewers discover whether Jane’s gravely mistaken or Andrew’s life is based on a web of lies!

“There’s a fantastic twist at the end which I think will delight and appal audiences in equal measures,” reveals 60-year-old Peter, who has recently been working on a film version of Spooks.

“In different households there will be different camps of ‘who believes who’. It makes for a great watch!”