Peter Firth: ‘We’re doing a film of Spooks and the script is fantastic!’

Spooks star Peter Firth confirmed M15 agent Harry Peace is making a comeback in a feature-length film version of BBC’s long-running spy drama Spooks.

Currently being filmed in various locations, Spooks: The Greater Good, will see MI5 spy Harry Pearce reunited with old and new colleagues, as they attempt to catch a dangerous terrorist who’s gone underground.

“Yes, we’re doing a film of Spooks! It’s very exciting. The script is fantastic. It’s based in London, but we’re travelling all over,” he told What’s on TV.

“We’ve been working on the idea of it for a couple of years. Not officially, but we were always discussing the possibility of it, and how we could take it forward rather than it just being a two-hour version of a TV story. We wanted to make it a proper feature – and I think we’ve done that.”

Of course, money matters – and a bigger budget helps. “It’s a bigger budget. On [TV] Spooks we made a little money go a long way and it always looked expensive. But now we’ve got a lot more money, we are going abroad to Czechoslovakia and Spain, and there will be more helicopters!”

Peter, 60, who appeared in all 10 series of Spooks (2002-2011), admits he’s no problem being recognised as Harry: “After 10 years, what are you going to do? You can’t avoid it, so I think, accept it with good grace.

“People usually feel safe if I’m on an airplane. They think ‘Oh it will be all right, Harry’s here! It’s quite sweet to be associated with something that gives people comfort!”

Spooks: The Greater Good is due for release in 2015. Directed by Bharat Nalluri, other confirmed cast to date include Jennifer Ehle, Kit Harrington, Tuppence Middleton and Peter’s fellow Spooks star Tim McInnerny.