Peter Kay has revealed that he will be hosting the Brit Awards next year and that he’s a fan of Danyl on the X Factor.

When asked by Eamonn Holmes on This Morning whether he was scared to go back in front of a live audience after taking a break from things he said: “No, not afraid. I did Big Breakfast and started off doing the Sunday Show live.

“And I’m hosting The – oh, I can’t say that, it’s a surprise – but I’m doing the Royal Variety.”

But when pushed by Ruth Langsford he revealed: “I’m hosting The Brits next year. That’s live. They’ll be kicking off now [that I’ve told you]. But yeah, anyway I’m hosting the Brits next year so there ya go – it’s out!”

When asked whether he was watching the X Factor, the comedian said: “Oh yeah, you can’t not watch it can you? I like Danyl, he’s very good. But I’m not so much bothered about the people that are in it, I just enjoy watching the show.”

Talking about Jedward, Peter said: “They’re doing alright, they’re doing no harm are they? People get all worked up about it but they are just two lads singing at the end of the day, it’s only telly.”

Peter Kay has worked with over 100 celebrities to put together a song for Children In Need, catch it on BBC1 tonight from 7pm.