Pete’s Peek | Alexander Dovzhenko’s War Trilogy comes to DVD

The three major works one of cinema’s great visionaries, Alexander Dovzhenko is coming together for the first time on DVD, chronicling the transformation of the director’s native Ukraine from a pastoral feudal society to an industrialized communist state.

War Trilogy begins with Zvenigora, Dovzhenko’s first major film which was celebrated by the great Sergei Eisenstein as ‘a memorable event in the development of the cinema’. This joyous work tells the story of an old man (Nikolai Nademsky) who guards the treasures of Ukraine buried for centuries beneath Mt. Zvenigora. Read more here.

The hauntingly visceral visual poem Arsenal follows, chronicling a group of World War I veterans, whose leader (Semyon Svashenko) is fired by dreams of Communist utopia, to foment revolution in Ukraine. Read more here.

The final piece is one of the most influential films of the Soviet era, Earth, in which Nikolai Nademsky plays and old man and a revolutionary to tell a poetic story of generations. Read more here.

Out now on DVD from Mr Bongo

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