Pete’s Peek | Brit horror comedy Zombie Women of Satan premieres on The Horror Channel tonight!

When a burlesque troupe is invited onto a secluded estate – somewhere in the north east of England – to be interviewed for an underground internet show, they find themselves in the midst of a depraved cult where young women have been turned to sex slaves. But when an unknown contaminant turns the docile girls into living dead babes, all hell breaks loose.

On discovering her sister is also being held by the cult, rock singer Sky Brannigan (Victoria Hopkins) endeavors to rescue her. But first she must fight off the depraved siblings (Gillian Settle and the gorgeous Christian Steel) of a mad scientist and their insane mother, as well as hordes of lingerie-clad zombie chicks.

Burlesque artist Warren Speed writes and stars in this hilarious vanity project. Crazy, outrageous and bloody good fun best describes this steaming pile of poo – and I say that with total affection because there really is a steaming pile of poo in the film, thanks to a flatuent dwarf called the mighty Zeus.

From the brilliant opening credits (the most crafted part of this production) to the bloody ending, Zombie Women of Satan’s humour and gore comes thick and fast. During the screening I saw at last year’s FrightFest, the audience really lapped up, while the stars of this crazy horror comedy (who I had the pleasure of being seated next to) howled with delight. And so should you.

The Horror Channel (Sky 319, Virgin 149, Freesat 138), 14 May at 10.55pm

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