Pete’s Peek | Down Under found-footage thriller The Tunnel screams onto DVD

Not a week goes by these days without another found-footage film passing my way. The latest is the ominously titled Australian effort, The Tunnel, about a group of journalists who head into the bowels of subterranean Sydney to expose a government cover-up, but end up running for their lives after disturbing something lurking in the shadows.

In the style of documentary series like Sensing Murder or Destination Truth, The Tunnel retraces the horrific ordeal that journo Natasha and cameraman Steve experienced by way of interviews, CCTV footage and the declassified tapes that their crew recorded whilst in the tunnels.

Safe to say there are lots of shots of people running about in the dark, screaming and shouting, and generally getting very worked up about what could be chasing them. It kind of reminded me of Most Haunted – but with an Australian twang. In fact, had the filmmakers gone all Kath & Kim on us and done it as a parody of the genre, I think I would have liked it a whole lot more.

Granted it is all very claustrophobic, makes you jump in places, and the acting is very earnest, but I couldn’t help the feeling that I’ve seen this all before. Interestingly, the film was made possible through a crowd funding initiative and won a handful of awards for its inventive use of social media. To bad, however, that it won’t win any awards in bringing anything new to the found footage genre.

The Tunnel is available on DVD through Arrow Films, and online via Sky Go, YouTube, Google Play

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