If you have teenagers, then you’ll probably understand the Hawkins family’s plight – they’re are at their wits end dealing with their increasingly wayward daughter Emma. But things get realy hairy when Emma starts having frightening fits, leading her parents to suspect she is either playing for attention or has some deeper psychological problem. Lucky for Emma’s mum and dad there’s a priest in the family (played by Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley), who determines that their daughter is possessed and they will need his help to drive the spirits away.

The first half of this possession horror is a little tedious as it ‘sets the scene’. It then shifts into all-too familiar territory as the exorcism is carried out – but the film fails to deliver anything other than what we have already seen in countless Exorcist imitations. The climax, however, does offer a clever twist as it turns out the priest is using Emma for his own gain. But his obsession comes at a price, and ends up costing the Hawkins family very dearly, indeed…

Exorcismus comes from the same Spanish production company behind the superbly chilling REC franchise (an ingenious take on the zombie genre), so I was disappointed that the filmmakers didn’t do the same here and turn the possession genre on its head. Shame really, as they had a superb crew on hand, and a convincing cast – especially young Sophie Vavasseur, who plays the grungy, tormented Emma, and Doug Bradley (out of make-up for a change, and looking far younger here than his 56 years – what is his secret?).

Out now on DVD

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