Pete’s Peek | From The Smurfs to Fright Night, when will the 1980’s remakes come to an end?

You can’t move these days without being reminded of the 1980s. Fashion, music, hairstyles – even men’s moustaches – seem a throwback. And when it comes to film and TV – well, where do I start? From The Smurfs to Transformers on the big screen, to Teen Wolf and Thundercats on TV, it’s impossible to escape the return of the 1980s.

And the nostalgia continues with a plethora film clubs cropping up everwhere, all offering their own unique trips down memory lane. In London, for example, film aficionados flock to The Alibi Film Club in East London, The Roxy at London Bridge and the wickedly entertaining events organised by Amy Grindhouse for their steady dose of all things cult.

On September 3 and 4, for instance, at a secret location on the banks of the Thames in London, California Classics plan to host screenings of Top Gun and The Lost Boys inside a specially-built aircraft hanger – complete with fighter jet, roller skating rink and games arcade, with everyone encouraged to don their best Tom Cruise attire.

When it comes to 1980s remakes of the horror kind, Fright Night, is the latest cult faviourite to get a modern makeover. That film (which gets its UK premiere on August 27 during Film4’s FrightFest
Rise of the Planet of the Apes) remains to be seen. But it’s not the only 1980s horror remake coming soon to a screen near you. Some 40 plus movies are on their way, in development, been given the greenlight, or heading straight to DVD.

This year we’ve already seen Rebecca DeMornay take on Troma backwoods horror Mother’s Day, but next on the remake rota are Child’s Play, The Crow, The Gate, Scanners, Hellraiser (although Clive Barker has stated it has nothing to do with his original story) and Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist and The Funhouse (check out my review of the new Blu-ray restoration).

Do you have a favourite 1980s horror you’d like to see remade? Or do you think they should remain untouched? Let me know what you think by adding your comments on our discussion page.

• Tickets for the California Classics screenings on 3 & 4 September can be purchased from the website: