Pete’s Peek | Giorgio Moroder’s 1980s take on the retro-futurist sci-fi classic Metropolis is back!

Back in 1984, Giorgio Moroder, the composer of blockbuster films such as Top Gun and Flashdance, brought Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi classic Metropolis back to the big screen with a makeover that was truly of the era. With its cartoon-like colourised scenes, new subtitles, speeded up frames and a pounding rock soundtrack featuring songs from the likes of Freddie Mercury, Pat Benatar, Adam Ant and Bonnie Tyler, Moroder’s version may have divided critics on its release, but it certainly gave Lang’s retro-futurist timepiece a new generation of fans.

Three decades later, Eureka Entertainment – who brought out the definition reconstructed version of Lang’s iconic masterpiece in 2010 – is re-releasing a new HD restoration of the Moroder version on 23 July in a limited edition DVD release and – for the first time throughout the UK – will make the film available for streaming on iPhones, iPads, computers and TV.

For details on the viewing options, check out the website: