A bunch of clubbers organising a warehouse rave have just one hour before a thousand revellers descend on the premises. In between setting up the lights and music, the inebriated gang get down to some sleazy sex despite actually hating each other. Lurking in the shadows is a hideous ‘beast’ and his gang of ghoul girls who start picking off the ravers one by one.

This is one sick film. Sleazy and very, very gruesome in the most exploitative way. Oh! Did I mention it was ‘Sick’?. The first kill gets her jaw ripped open by the beast (actually some smelly long-haired dude decked out in fur pelts and a welders mask). Then there’s a teetotal blonde girl whose fingers get diced with piano wire before her legs gets crushed by a huge anvil. Owzee! And as for the head mince scene? Wow! The torture here is relentless, but I had a ball guessing who the last victim would be. The climax is also bloody good fun as the beast slashes his way through the ravers packing the dancefloor. Glow stick in the eye, anyone? Talk about a disco bloodbath. There’s even a blood splattered disco ball thrown in the mix.

In between the deaths and great sound effects (the guttural squeals and metal on metal will have you covering your ears), the music (by the likes of Panjoma, Leatherbal, Rock City Morgue and Android Lust) dominates, making this the most graphic music video ever made. Filmed in the über cool Austin, Texas.

I wanted to share with you the movie trailer, but frankly it’s just too gruesome.

Out now on DVD and available to watch online at LoveFilm