Pete’s Peek | John Waters eat your heart out! There’s some new kids wearing your Pope of Trash crown

When it comes to provocative independent films, there are few places for fringe filmmakers to get their work shown to a wider audience besides the festival circuit and YouTube.

Philadelphia-based outfit Breaking Glass Pictures is breaking that mould with their new DVD label, Vicious Circle Films. From controversial, ground-breaking dramas like Taxi Zum Klo (which gets a long-awaited 30th-anniversary release) to extreme horrors with titles like Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, Breaking Glass Pictures is certainly worth the visit if you like your films that little bit leftfield.

Out this month is Half Moon
Fright Flick, the new feature from Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives director Israel Luna. In this horror comedy, the cast and crew of a B-grade movie find themselves in a real-life whodunit when their big-breasted leading lady is brutally murdered. Made on a zero budget with some truly frightful performances, Fright Flick is hysterically bad and totally OTT – reminiscent of an early John Waters movie. It also shares a similar perverted sense of humour to that classic of all underground classics – Thundercrack!, a film Luna can only aspire to. Still, the director is on his way to becoming the new King of Trash. And if he teamed up with Richard Day, the comic writer/director behind the Hollywood spoof Girls Will Be Girls
Bleading Lady. Three years ago, Nicholson paid homage to 1980s exploitation movies with his hilarious splatterfest Gutterballs.┬áThis time round he’s poking fun at the horror movie industry itself. Dan Ellis plays old-school-horror fan Don, a driver charged with taking a film crew to a location shoot. Obsessed with the movie’s leading lady, Riversa Red, the demented Don takes the crew hostage, then forces them to perform in his own ‘love letter to the horror genre’. Much blood-letting ensues as Don hacks his way through the cast and crew until only his ‘b’ leading lady is left alive. While not as cleverly crafted as Gutterballs, Nicholson’s latest effort still has some deliciously dark humour to keep it entertaining – the ending, however, is somewhat of a non-event.

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