Pete’s Peek | Midnight Son – an offbeat romance for vampire lovers

Security guard Jacob (Zak Kilberg) falls for lonely bartender Mary (Maya Parish), but both harbour secrets. Mary is a coke addict and Jacob has a rare skin disease that keeps him away from sunlight and forces him to drink human blood. As Jacob’s condition worsens, the couple’s peculiar romance comes under threat. To make matters worse, a detective suspects Jacob could be linked to series of grisly murders.

This captivating slow-burner is a real surprise: an offbeat love story with a vampiric twist that’s bathed in blood and existential angst. Think George Romero’s Martin and Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark as though written by Clive Barker.

It might take a while for the story to kick in, but the two leads keep you on your toes, especially Kilberg as Jacob, who is forced to question his morals when his vampirism starts to affect those around him. There are also some great supporting characters; especially Jo D Jonz’s corrupt orderly, Marcus, who deals in the human blood that Jacob craves. This quiet achiever is the thinking person’s horror.

Released 11 February on DVD (Amazon, The Hut) from Monster Pictures UK

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