Pete’s Peek | Piranhaconda – it’s not a new Gangnam style dance, but another monstrous creature feature

Veteran King of the B’s Roger Corman and Crown Prince of the Z’s Jim Wynorski unite for the gargantuan monster mash up that is Piranhaconda. But you’ll have to leave your brain cells at home for this silly slice of Hawaii-set hokum in which a low-budget horror film crew are kidnapped by gangsters while gigantic snakes rampage the tropical island.

The film may look like it was shot in the gardens of a plush hotel during the off-season, and the bad acting is certainly more frightening than the CGI creatures – that are about as threatening as a kid’s plush toy – but Piranhanconda does have a fun retro feel that harks back to Corman’s 1950s drive-in cheese-fests like Attack of the Crab Monsters. Pity though that only the SFX has got better over the years. Mind you, the film’s twangy surf tune over the credits is kinda catchy.

Thankfully, this will be the last monster mash up from Roger Corman for some time. Having conjured up Dinosharks, Supergators and Camel Spiders, the maverick indie producer is now looking at resurrecting his 1960s cycle of gothic features based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. But just who will he get to take the place of the late, great Vincent Price, who made those films such true and enduring classics? While we hold our breath on that one, here’s some snaps to savour from Corman’s final beastie bonanza.

Piranhaconda is released on 7 January, from Chelsea Films, on DVD

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