Pete’s Peek | Place your bets! Hostel: Part III is heading to Vegas – but it ain’t all fun and games

As the old saying goes, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’? And, no truer words were spoken than in Hostel: Part III. Unlike the first two films, this latest instalment in the franchise has more in common with the Final Destination films than Eli Roth’s original vision. But it has retained the central premise of an Elite Hunting Club using the most racist, sexist characters they can find for their most dangerous games.

This time round it’s not the backwaters of a Eastern European hamlet where the grisly action takes place but in Las Vegas. Here, some very well-heeled clients bet on a Wheel of Misfortune to see how long their prey stay alive while being tortured.

Next on the menu is a bachelor party of four friends – suited Carter (Kip Pardue), groom-to-be Scott (Brian Hallisay), foul-mouthed Mike (Skyler Stone) and crutch-wielding Justin (John Hensley). However, there’s a twist in this tale for these guys (they come across like live-action versions of the South Park kids) – one of their lot is actually a member of the club. So, all manner of bloody mayhem ensues. But the question remains, ‘Will the groom-to-be get to the church on time?’

If you like your horror extreme, then you might be disappointed, as Hostel: Part III is more about quick frights than the sustained torture that gave the original films such notoriety. But if you like mildly inventive death scenes and a bit of macho action, then it’s an enjoyable thrill-ride. But I, for one, could have done without the cockroaches – Yuk!

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