Pete’s Peek | Spend a spooky night in with Robert Englund’s Inkubus

If you’re a fan of claustrophobic chillers like the recent lift-set supernatural chiller Devil, then this little indie horror starring genre favourites Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) and William Forsythe (who played serial killer John Wayne Gacy in the chilling The Last Victim) might be just the ticket for a spooky night in.

A skeleton crew is working the final night at a closing police station when Robert Englund’s demon Inkubus turns himself in for the murder of woman whose head he’s holding. During his subsequent interrogation, Inkubus also admits to a host of murders that have remained unsolved throughout the ages. But Inkubus’ presence and the mind games he plays on the now-trapped station crew is all a ruse to get a former police captain, Gil Diamante (Forsythe), to come out of retirement so that he can finish claiming the soul he tried to win years before.

Anyone looking for gruesome shocks or half-naked teens in scenes of distress will be sorely disappointed as Inkubus is more an exercise in sinister character development and slow-burning suspense than a full-on blood and horror show, with Englund delivering a wonderfully menacing performance as the manipulated hell raiser. But if you like your shockers sharply scripted in the tradition of a Twilight Zone or Creepshow terror tale then you’re in for a suspenseful night in.

Out now on DVD through Trinity X Films