I Didn

Six youths from Austin, Texas discover that volunteering can be dangerous to your health when a drunken accident at a summer camp in the woods sets in motion a bizarre chain events that turn into an outrageous game of survival.

The feature debut of Bradley Scott Sullivan, this low-budget Grindhouse-esque woodland horror sets out to mix old-fashioned shocks with dark comedy, and has won plaudits from fright fans for its tongue-in-cheek take on the slasher genre [SPOILER ALERT: There’s no bogeyman killing off the kids, just lots of very bad luck].

I Didnt Come Here To Die Gang

Made for just $100,000, it’s a brave effort, with some effectively ludicrous death scenes (including eyeballs being poked out and a chainsaw in the face). But what lets the side down is the muddy tinting that’s been applied to the film (to give it a faux grindhouse look, I suspect). It just screams ‘low budget’. Indie horror fans will enjoy it, nevertheless – and get the in-jokes – but fans of bigger budget scares (like the Evil Dead remake, which arrives in UK cinemas next weekend) may find it a chore.

Released 15 April 2013 on DVD from Second Sight Films