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American MaryTHE STORY
Ginger SnapsKatharine Isabelle is utterly seductive as failed medical student Mary Mason, who turns to performing backstreet surgery to pay off her debts. Discovering a talent for body modification, Mary becomes an underground success, with people around the globe paying huge sums to secure her services. But Bloody Mary has a secret – she’s got the man who raped her hanging on a hook by his skin ready for her scalpel to do its work…

American Mary at work

American Mary is a clever black comedy horror from Canadian twins Jen and Sylvia Soska. Best known for their anarchic low-budget shocker, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the Twisted Twins impressed the hell out of Cabin Fever director Eli Roth with their Grindhouse homage, so much so that he was instrumental in getting Universal to pump up the cash for American Mary. And it shows. This beautiful brutal beast is a thought-provoking exploration into extreme cosmetic surgery and the body modification subculture; and a moral tale for a modern audience (that surgery is never the answer to your problems).

Slickly shot with a very funny script, and featuring oddball characters that would look right at home in John Waters film (Tristan Risk’s Beatress is a scream), American Mary is a love letter to Asian and European horror cinema (think Audition meets Eyes Without a Face with a touch of She Freak‘s sideshow circus), and Isabelle’s Mary is a femme fatale who deserves a place in the horror hall of fame.

Out on 21 January on Blu-ray and DVD (Universal Pictures UK)


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