Pete’s Peek | The Hunger meets Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the slick German horror We Are The Night

‘Better cover your privates guys, because these bloodsucking frauleins have got your number!’

We Are the Night is a super-stylish German vampire thriller that pits the breathy lesbian eroticism of The Hunger with the gritty intrigue of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as three chic bloodsuckers reign supreme over Berlin’s nightlife in a fast-paced action adventure that’ll really rocks. This has got cult movie written all over it and I do hope it gets a sequel. To see a clip from the movie, see our Facebook page. In German with subtitles.

Out on DVD 15 October through Momentum Pictures

THE THOMPSONS (DVD & download, Lionsgate)
Following their Stateside serial-killing orgy in The Hamiltons, the sibling bloodsuckers hide out in the Kent countryside where they go to war with a family of gangster vampires. Dripping with gallons of blood and boasting some cool fight scenes courtesy of martial arts supremo Mark Strange, the Butcher Brothers have created a nifty modern vampire tale that’s not quite An American Werewolf in London meets Twilight, but its close.

APARTMENT 143 (DVD, Momentum Picture)
‘Oh dear, not another Paranormal Activity rip-off’, I hear you cry! Well that’s what I thought until I discovered this supernatural horror was written and edited by Rodrigo Cortés, the director of the 2010 chiller Buried and the recent Robert De Niro horror flick Red Lights. Yes, there are all the expected frights as a group of tech-savy parapsychologists investigate a haunting in a downtown LA apartment, but its the way Cortés’ script progresses towards its nerve-shattering climax that really gets under your skin.

HALLOWEEN IV & HALLOWEEN V (Blu-ray, Anchor Bay)
Now here’s a scary seasonal treat, the first-ever release on Blu-ray of the fourth and fifth instalments of the original franchise. The Return of Michael Myers finds Donald Pleasance’s Dr Sam Loomis on the trail of the seemingly-unstoppable Michael Myers who is now stalking his neice Jamie, while The Revenge of Michael Myers sees Loomis using the little girl’s newly-discovered psychic powers to stop Michael once and for all. The first five films in the series are also available from 15 October in a DVD box-set.
• John Carpenter’s classic Halloween is also getting a limited cinema re-release in the UK from Friday 26 October across Vue and Apollo cinemas.

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