Piranha Blu-rayTHE STORY
While looking for two missing teenagers around Lost River Lake, rookie investigator Maggie McKeown (The Sound of Music‘s Heather Menzies) and her anti-social guide (Compulsion‘s Bradford Dillman) stumble on a secret military base where they accidentally let loose a tank full of mutant piranha. Now every happy camper and resort guest downriver are on the menu. Welcome to Operation: Razorteeth…

Bradford Dillman and Heather Menzies in Piranha

Produced by Roger Corman, directed by Joe Dante (The Hole) and written by John Sayles, 1978’s Piranha has spawned remakes, sequels and re-imaginings, but none can touch this genuine cult classic, which looks just as fresh as ever in this Second Sight Blu-ray presentation. What makes it so darn good is that while it keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek, it refuses to swim into the dangerous waters of parody like its imitators. It’s also got a great supporting cast, including cult fan favourites Kevin McCarthy, Barbara Steele, Paul Bartel and Dick Miller. Unlike Piranha 3DD, this is one carnivorous fishfest that will never stink.


The bonus features here include audio commentary from Joe Dante and Jon Davison, a behind the scenes and making of featurette, bloopers and outtakes, stills gallery and radio and TV spots.

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