The Possession

When normally-sweet young Emily (Natasha Calis) starts exhibiting erratic and possessive behaviour over an antique box she purchased at a yard sale, dad Clyde
(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has a hard task trying to convince ex-wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) that their daughter has unleashed a demon called a dybbuk in Jewish folklore. But when Stephanie finally witnesses the demon in action, it’s a race against time to save Emily before she is devoured body and soul.

The Dibbuk box in The Possession

This big budget Exorcist-styled horror hokum from Drag Me to Hell producer Sam Raimi and Nightwatch director Ole Bornedal has some neat jump-in-your-seat scares and lots and lots of moths (no we won’t tell you why), good performances from the younger members of the cast, and some ace visuals. Basically, it’s a fun, scary ride – but you have to get past the domestic dramas first before the big thrills.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Don’t miss the fascinating featurette about the real-life dybbuk box that inspired the film’s story, which comes as an extra on the Blu-ray disc.

Available on Blu-ray, DVD and download from 21 January 2013

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