Pete’s Peek | Travel the globe with the stunning Samsara and the breathtaking Baraka on Blu-ray

Samsara and Baraka on Blu-ray

Following its cinematic release last year, the astonishing Samsara is coming to DVD/Blu-ray Dual Play, and in a Blu-ray box-set that includes the kaleidoscopic 1992 documentary Baraka.

Filmed over four years, Samsara visits some 25 countries across the globe to capture via breathtaking HD cinematography the jaw-dropping wonder of sacred grounds, natural wonders and vast cityscapes. Set to a mesmerising score, featuring vocals from Lisa Gerrard, Samsara is total visual immersion, infusing the ancient with the modern and slightly surreal, and is best served on a very large HD TV screen. And if you’re a dedicated world traveller, then this will give you food for thought for your next adventure.

Joining Samsara in the Blu-ray box-set is director Ron Fricke’s companion piece, Baraka, a cinematic odyssey on global events and human activity. Together, these works form a powerful and inspiring visual tapestry on the wonder of life on Earth.

• For some stunning images from Samsara, click here to view our Facebook gallery.

Congratulations to Emma Clarke from Pontypridd, who wins the Samsara/Baraka Blu-ray box-set.

Available from 14 January 2013

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