Although the found-footage genre is getting a bit tired, I’ve been looking forward to Troll Hunter, and I’m glad I saw it as its monstrously good fun.

Three wannabe Michael Moore-type filmmakers find themselves joining Norway’s only troll hunter as he tracks down the biggest, baddest daddy of all troll-dom that has broken out of its government sanctioned reserve, causing other equally-monstrous trolls to move into populated areas. The three naive college students soon get a lesson in survival, as they have to outrun these fabled creatures – that can turn to stone or explode when exposed to sunlight.

Surprisingly, it’s not as cheesy as I expected, with a witty script, well observed characters, exhilarating story, and great special effects. The trolls even look like they have stepped out of an illustrated fairy tale book, while the Three Billy Goats Gruff tale comes to life, which makes the whole experience all the more fantastic.

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And don’t forget to check out the official Troll Hunter Fanhub site which is packed with special features, and Ghoulish Gary’s website (he designed the t-shirt). Plus, there’s an online Troll Hunter game where you can also win a home cinema system (click here for details).

Released 9 January through Momentum Pictures


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