Pete’s Peek | Why Motörhead’s Lemmy is a living legend

I’m not usually one to enjoy reviewing documentaries, but when the subject is Motörhead’s Lemmy someone try and stop me. This lovingly portrait of the godfather of rock ‘n roll was two years in the making, following Lemmy as he gigged across the world from the US, where he’s been based these past 18 years, to Russia.

This is a man who lives to perform, but he’s also an ordinary bloke who loves to potter about his tiny LA flat crammed with his beloved ‘stuff’ – Nazi war memorabilia (purely for the aesthetic), Motörhead merchandise, and an enviable collection of swords, daggers and knives.

A who’s who of musos, including Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins and even Joy Division’s Peter Hook, bear testimony to the great man, but the most fascinating contributions come from Lemmy’s former Hawkwind bandmates who breath new life into those old stories about Lemmy’s drug-taking days.

The straight-talking Lemmy also sets the record straight about many of the myths surrounding his 30 years in the business; the most illuminating being his deep admiration for Little Richard – the man he believes gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll; and, more poignantly, his love for the son he originally gave up for adoption.

If you want it loud, fast and Lemmy then this rockumenatry is a must – not just for metalheads, but lovers of rock ‘n’ roll everywhere.

On DVD and Blu-ray from 24 January

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