Dirty dealer Phelan has Sally ‘wrapped around his little finger’, says Corrie’s Sally Dynevor

Sally thinks Phelan can help her political career in Corrie. Tim thinks getting involved with Phelan is career suicide. Will Sally become another of Phelan’s victims?

Corrie’s social climbing councillor Sally is totally taken in by scheming Phelan. Sally Dyvenor tells Soaplife what happens…

It’s easy for dirty dealer Phelan to win over Sally, isn’t it?
Yes. She likes the fact Phelan [Connor McIntyre] talks to her like a councillor and he takes her very seriously. She thinks he’s quite intelligent, knows what he’s talking about with his development plan, seems to like her as a councillor and therefore he must be OK.”

 What do Phelan’s development plans involve?
“He tells her he’s going to develop an old building, currently used as a meeting place, and turn it into apartments, which he will then sell on – some to people with special needs. Todd [Bruno Langley] has already warned Phelan people won’t want the building to be developed.”

And the council veto the plan…
“Yes. For the reasons Todd said. They tell Sally she’ll upset her constituents. She was elected by them and she shouldn’t support something they may disagree on. She’s worried she’ll lose her seat so she’s forced to withdraw her support for Phelan.”

 But he quickly wins it back. How?
“Very cleverly, he brings Cathy’s nephew Alex [Liam Bairstow] around to Sally’s house and uses him as an example of someone who could benefit from the housing. Sally thinks she’ll get brownie points if she explains this to the committee.

“She really wants to be looked up to and be a good councillor. She has principles and wants to do the right thing. She just doesn’t have the experience.”

Why doesn’t Sally’s husband Tim (Joe Duttine) trust Phelan?
“He’s more savvy than Sally, although she thinks she’s far cleverer than Tim because he’s ‘only a window cleaner’. He’s probably 10 times cleverer than Sally will ever be and he knows people like Phelan.

“Phelan has Sally wrapped around his little finger when he then he treats her to coffee and wine. She’s completely taken in.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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