Phil blames Kerry’s hubby for interview fiasco

This Morning‘s Phillip Schofield has blasted Kerry Katona‘s husband, blaming him for her disastrous TV interview.

Phil slammed ex-cabbie Mark Croft for allowing the ex-Atomic Kitten star to appear on the show on Wednesday when she was clearly confused and slurring her words.

The presenter’s comments come after revelations that he was involved in an altercation with Mark at the end of the interview.

According to reports in the Daily Mirror, Mark had to be held back as he lunged at Phil, claiming he and co-host Fern Britton had ‘stitched her up’.

An insider said: “[Mark] was jabbing his finger in Phil’s face and giving him what for. He was so angry he was frothing at the mouth. He kept saying that Phil stitched Kerry up and his language was more than a little colourful to say the least.

“Phil refused to back down, but seemed shocked to be spoken to in that way. Fern was just standing there in a state of astonishment. In the end, production staff had to step in to calm things down.”

But Phil blamed Mark for the fiasco, saying: “If you are as concerned about your wife as he obviously is and you notice that particular morning her medication or whatever is having an affect on her speech, surely you shouldn’t bring her into a TV studio?”

He also slammed the MTV team who accompanied her to the show. He said: “When she arrived we were told that under no circumstances should we discuss her financial problems, otherwise she’d walk off the programme – that was the only instruction we had.

“Had we known the condition that we felt that she might be in, our producer would certainly not have allowed her to open the programme.”

Mark has since issued a statement in which he said Kerry, 28, was “extremely offended” by Phil and Fern’s questioning – especially as she was in “obvious distress”.