Our competition to cast a movie about the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal had your creative juices flowing and the winners truly earned their DVD copy of The Lincoln Lawyer.

We’ve put together a few picture galleries here below with some of your brilliant suggestions. If we had the budget, we’d make the movie! Although, no doubt, one of the big studios will, as soon as we find out how the story ends…

Wendi Deng

Murdoch’s third wife may have been labelled a golddigger, but she sure is fiercely protective of her investment…sorry, husband. Both Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh have been known to successfully kick a butt or three on screen, but Naomi Campbell is the one to watch (out for) as no anger management course seems to be able to stop the unleashing of this woman’s wrath.

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Rupert Murdoch

Not exactly the prettiest thing you ever saw, with furrows deeper than the Grand Canyon, but Jack Nicholson could easily match that. However, either Hackman, Hoskins or Crowe would be real contenders to play the media baron.

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James Murdoch

The Murdoch offspring could be played by The Milky Bar Kid in his formative years, then blossom into any one of the familiar faces below.

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Rebekah Brooks

This is where you all got truly creative, entirely thinking outside the box. It would be particularly interesting to see how Mick Hucknall or Sideshow Bob  would interpret this role.

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