Marco Pierre White has admitted he can’t see himself as a metrosexual man.

Unlike self-confessed metrosexuals like footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, the fiery-tempered chef insisted he will never be caught grooming himself – or even working out at the gym.

“I’d never go to a parlour to be groomed, I just put on a bit of gel and deodorant on and I’m away… I certainly do not moisturise and I definitely do not wax – men who wax should have been born a woman,” he told Zoo.

Marco – who is set to host a new TV show called Marco’s Kitchen Burnout – added: “The thought of a gym disgusts me. I couldn’t cope with all those mirrors. Just the idea of a rowing machine brings me out in a sweat.”

However, the Hell’s Kitchen star revealed he has a wardrobe full of hats and boots.

“I have a ridiculously large collection of Wellington boots, I have eight pairs, and I adore hats,” he said.

“Hats are very important to me. The secret of pulling a hat off is having the confidence to wear it.

“If you walk down the street with a hat on, more women will look at you than if you don’t have a hat on. It gives you status.”

Marco’s Kitchen Burnout starts on Friday April 16 at 9pm on ITV1.