Piers Morgan: My ITV chat show turned down Donald Trump!

Piers Morgan has revealed that his ITV chat show once decided that they didn't want to interview now President Donald Trump

Piers Morgan has revealed that his ITV chat show once decided that they didn’t want to interview now President Donald Trump.

The 51-year-old presenter, who returns next Friday with a new series of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, made the remarkable admission to TV Times.

“When I first suggested Donald Trump years and years ago, ITV said, ‘No’. We would now have one of the great interviews of all time on our files. I found the email the other day, but the person who wrote that has gone, otherwise I could have taunted him about it.”

Piers went on to praise Trump and said he was the only British person the controversial President follows on Twitter. “We have been good friends for 10 years. He follows only one Brit on Twitter and that’s me, even Nigel Farage doesn’t get a follow.

“I did the first series of Celebrity Apprentice in America, which I won, and I went back as his boardroom eyes and ears for about seven years. Then I went to CNN and interviewed him a lot so I feel I know him well.

“He’s not the monster people think he is and he’s no angel, and he’s definitely not a politician. He is a business guy who has struck the biggest deal in his life.”

Piers guest line-up for his new series is Barry Gibb, Nigel Havers, Boy George and Farage.

Looking forward to his chat with Farage, Piers said: “Like Donald Trump, he is a compelling character, charismatic character. Nigel has cheated death three times – cancer when he was very young, a car crash and that horrific plane crash that could have killed him.

“He can be very funny and very charming, but he can be very tough, too. I heard that his entourage are involved in high-stakes gambling over whether I can make him cry!”


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