Stars of ITV2 sitcom Plebs Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal reveal Series 4’s exciting new guest stars…

One of the joys of ITV2’s sitcom Plebs is that it attracts a host of interesting guest stars. Better still, it’s not afraid to have fun with them – past episodes have seen Danny Dyer beheaded and Simon Callow as a wig-wearing politician!

What’s on TV picked the top five most anticipated guest stars in the new series. And yes, one of them is Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke!

Here Plebs stars Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal, reveal more…

Robert Lindsay as Crassus

Tom with Robert on the Plebs set in Bulgaria

My Family star Robert Lindsay turns up in episode one of Plebs as ruthless property developer, Crassus. He starts by getting one over on the lads but quickly wants them out of his life. Crassus is instrumental in the new direction of the series when he gives Marcus and Grumio an abandoned public toilet, which they convert into Rome’s newest wine bar, The Crown and Toga.

Ryan Sampson, who plays Grumio says: “It’s like a Roman Cheers or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These losers are trying to run a bar and because of that it feels like a different show.”

Tom Rosenthal, who plays Marcus adds: “There’s a group heist on the house of Crassus…it’s a bit like a parody of Ocean’s 11!”

Ollie Locke as Aloysius

Ollie Locke in character on Plebs

Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke makes a lovely cameo in episode two as hipster trendsetter Aloysius. He brings the ‘it’ crowd to the boys’ bar. But how long will he stick around when their true, unfashionable, colours emerge?

Ryan says: “The way the cameos are written in Plebs means guests have to deliver a high-impact in a short space of time. Ollie came in and just smashed it. If we do a fifth series it would be great to have Ollie back.”

Annette Badland as Athena

Annette Badland steals the show in episode two, series four of Plebs

The second episode of Plebs heralds the arrival Rome’s foremost food critic, Athena, played to great effect by EastEnders villain Annette Badland. Athena has the power to make-or-break the boys’ business with a single review. Grumio has the power to make-or-break Athena’s digestive system with his cooking!

Ryan says: “We did a rolling montage where Annette’s brought all this horrendous stuff to eat. Annette is really fun and quite naughty!”

Rachel Parris as Diana

Rachel Parris at the Chortle Comedy Awards 2018

Comedian and Murder in Successville star Rachel Paris appears in episode three of Plebs, as an earnest charity worker who believes Grumio needs help…

Tom says: “Rachel Parris is brilliant as Diana, who is trying to collect for charity at the bar. There’s a miscommunication when she spots Grumio and thinks he has some sort of mental handicap. It’s a satire on charity rather than making fun of people who have disabilities.”

Aisling Bea as Minerva

Aisling Bea on stage at the War Child Comedy Night

Episode four sees 8 Out of 10 Cats regular Aisling Bea star as stand-up comedian, Minerva. She starts a relationship with Marcus – which he quickly regrets!

Tom says: “We see Minerva in the Forum doing really funny stand-up and Marcus books her for the bar. Marcus and Minerva strike up a relationship… until she starts talking about their sex life on stage! I’m so excited to see this episode, Aisling is so good, she’s perfectly cast.”

Series four of Plebs starts on Monday 9th April on ITV2 at 10pm with a double-bill