What a Plonker! Driver stopped by police has fake Del Boy driving licence

Fromage Frais! Del Boy driver in hot water

Police described a motorist who had a fake driving licence in the name of Only Fools and Horse character Del Boy Trotter as being a plonker!

The driver, who had no insurance and no driving licence, was stopped by Norfolk and Suffolk police on the A47 in Terrington, near King’s Lynn.

And officers were left chuckling when they spotted a driving licence in the name of Del Boy Trotter stating that the owner was only qualified to drive a three-wheel van! The fake licence also stated Del Boy was born in 1958 and said he was from Tower Hamlets in London.

Police added that the fake licence wasn’t intended to fool them, saying on twitter that it “wasn’t produced to deceive me, it was seen after the driver had been dealt with which made us both laugh”.

The laughter didn’t stop the police from seizing the vehicle – which had four wheels unlike Del’s famous three wheel van!

Pic: Norfolk and Suffolk Police Dogs.