Pointless Celebrities: ‘We’ve only come to meet Alexander and Richard!’

Pointless Celebrities contestants Su Pollard, Ruth Madoc, Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson reveal why they’re attempting to win that all-important Pointless trophy on Saturday on BBC1…

Hello ladies, are you big fans of Pointless?
Su: “Oh yes I absolutely love it! I didn’t get it when I first watched it – it didn’t really slot into my brain! Then suddenly it became as clear as day because I thought, ‘Oh they’re trying to get the least popular answer, like an obscure painter,’ and then I thought it was great. But I don’t like the title Pointless Celebrities. It’s terrible that people look at artists and wonder what the point of them is! But you can see the funny side of it.”
Ruth: “I am certainly a fan – the only reason I’ve come on the show is to meet Alexander and Richard! They’re really good together and so clever.”
Linda: “It’s always on in the house and I enjoy it, but usually I’m busy making the dinner!”

Do you enjoy taking part in celebrity specials?
Linda: “We love doing things like this. Pauline Quirke finds live TV painful, but Lesley and I have such a laugh. I live in a madhouse so at least it gets me out!”
Lesley: “We’ve been given the blessing of Birds of a Feather coming back and it’s a real perk to do quiz shows, because I adore this sort of television. I can just dip in and be a guest on a show, and there’s no responsibility. I won £30,000 on Family Fortunes and it was ridiculously emotional!”
Linda: “I cried watching her, even though I knew what was going to happen!”

Su, Linda and Lesley, you’ve all played Pointless before haven’t you?
Lesley: “Christopher Biggins let me down last time, the two of us were terrible. It’s not as easy as it seems though and if I get a sport question I don’t stand a chance, so it’s pot luck really.”
Su: “I was on with Jeff [Jeffrey Holland aka Hi-de-Hi!’s Spike] and we had to go home early because we both got 100 points. We’ve never recovered from the loss, it was a bit tragic!”



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