Poldark star Aidan Turner: ‘I’ve never felt objectified’

Mariella Frostrup started the debate

Poldark star Aidan Turner says that he has “never felt objectified” after Mariella Frostrup penned that there were double standards operating in the way male and female stars were treated.

In an article for the Radio Times, Mariella wrote that female journalists were openly lusting after Poldark in the BBC show, but that male commentators would be in trouble if they objectified an actress in the same way.

She expressed the hope “both sexes can confidently express desire without demeaning the object of our admiration. Admiring Aidan Turner should be an acceptable National Pastime, as a thumbs-up for the glories of humanity and another for his engaging performance.”

Asked about her comments, Aidan, 34, told BBC News: “I’ve never felt objectified. I think sometimes other people want to feel that for you, which can be quite a strange thing.

“But personally I haven’t. You say objectify, but it just sounds like [Mariella] was sort of admiring that character of Ross Poldark or physically how he looks or whatever.”

Aidan, who’s about to appear on stage in The Lieutenant of Inishmore, added: “It seems like there is a double standard, yeah, it does seem that way. But I try not to get involved in [that debate].”

Aidan also seemed slightly perplexed by all the fuss surrounding Poldark. “We’re not doing anything in our show that… I mean, Game of Thrones probably has far more nudity, or Vikings, or any of these shows, than we would have.

“So I never quite understood why our show was picked in particular, or why these images were concentrated on more so than another shows. Or other images of actors who’ve gone topless for any sex scenes.”

Meanwhile, Poldark’s marriage is tested again as the hit drama continues on Sunday at 9pm. As Hugh’s health worsens, he summons Demelza to his bedside and attempts to woo her with poetry, which causes yet more friction in the Poldark marriage…