Posh ‘offered £3m American Idol deal’

Victoria Beckham is set to be offered a £3m paycheque to become a permanent new judge on American Idol, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that Beckham – aka Posh Spice – has been given the nod from Simon Cowell and the show’s creator Simon Fuller to become Paula Abdul’s replacement, after she proved popular at two trial auditions.

However bosses at the US network Fox, which produces the show, want to be certain that American audiences will like her – and that they won’t think she is too thin or have problems understanding her British accent.

“American Idol is the highest rated show and they don’t want to pick a judge viewers don’t take to,” an insider said. “Focus groups are going to be set up to judge Victoria’s performance.

“There’s some concern about whether viewers will think she’s too skinny. They’re also worried about her accent. She’s started to talk in a very posh voice and some people might struggle with that.”

Posh was drafted in as a temporary judge after Paula Abdul quit the show earlier this month.

American singers Katy Perry have also featured as guest judges but sources say Beckham is the favourite for the job.

“She wasn’t her best at her first audition but Fuller, who is her manager and the creator of Idol, convinced her to come back,” a source told the paper.

“She was a revelation at the second audition and is now top of the list to permanently replace Paula.”

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