Praise for Michelle Keegan in Our Girl, although some fans missed Lacey Turner

Our Girl fans reacted positively to Michelle Keegan's debut in the BBC1 military drama, although original star Lacey Turner was missed by many

Michelle Keegan made her hotly anticipated debut in the lead role in BBC1’s second series of Our Girl on Wednesday.

And, after months of waiting to see how she would tackle the role of Corporal Georgie Lane, viewers were mostly thrilled with her performance in the gritty drama.

Our Girl
Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane in Our Girl (Coco Van Oppens)


Fans dubbed the 29-year-old as ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning’ in her portrayal of the Army medic, especially considering the hot and dusty conditions of the show, which was filmed in South Africa.

There were plenty more comments about her acting prowess, with the words ‘amazing’ and ‘brilliant’ being bandied about.


However, there was also an overarching sense of somebody being missed… the first series’ leading actress, Lacey Turner.

Michelle took over in the starring position in the drama from the EastEnders actress, who played Molly Dawes, a down-and-out young woman who joins the Army due to her life going nowhere.

It seems that for many on Twitter, Michelle just couldn’t live up to her predecessor.


Former Coronation Street actress Michelle was revealed as Lacey’s replacement after the EastEnders star decided not to take part in the second series.

The second series opened with Georgie being dispatched to Kenya on a humanitarian mission, after being jilted at the altar.

It was a dramatic opener, as she battle with adverse conditions at the start of her six-week posting in the African country, and the episode ended with her being taken hostage by Al-Shabaab militants.

Michelle said the role had amplified her respect for people in the armed forces: “Don’t get me wrong, you always respect people in the armed forces, but I have newfound respect for them, it is unbelievable what they do for the country.”

Our Girl also stars Luke Pasqualino as Special Forces officer Elvis Harte, and Ben Aldridge as Captain Charles James.

Our Girl continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.


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