Predestination | Film review – Twisty time-travel tale packs a surprising emotional punch

Predestination DVDEthan Hawkes’ dogged time-travelling agent hops back and forth across the decades preventing future crimes. What, though, is the connection between his final mission – to stop the elusive Fizzle Bomber from committing a terrorist atrocity in 1975 Manhattan – and the incredible life story he draws out of a bitter barfly (Sarah Snook) in 1970 New York? Adapted by Australian filmmaking duo The Spierig Brothers from Robert Heinlein’s short story ‘- All You Zombies – ’, elegantly intricate sci-fi thriller Predestination will leave you puzzling over the paradoxes of time travel, fate and free will. Hawks and Snook’s performances pack a surprising emotional punch, and even if you spot the film’s big twist coming you will still want to watch it all over again to spot all the deftly placed clues.


Certificate 15. Runtime 95 mins. Director The Spierig Brothers.

Predestination is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Signature Entertainment from Monday 6th April.


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