Kimberley Walsh has reassured fans that her unborn baby is fine after she fell over and broke her wrist.

The Girls Aloud star slipped over at the weekend and posted a photo on Twitter of her wrist in a cast, but has now tweeted to say that a visit to the doctor showed everything was fine with the baby.

She wrote: “Just been for a check up & our little munchkin is fine! I successfully took the entire weight of my fall on my wrist so baby is very happy.

“The baby was literally waving at me to tell me everything’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Kimberley told OK! that her best pal Cheryl Cole had been the first of her Girls Aloud bandmates to hear her pregnancy news and was so happy she couldn’t stop crying.

She said: “[Cheryl] burst into tears of joy, which was no surprise as she’s so emotional, but it was a really cute reaction. She was hugging the baby. She’s so cute. We literally hugged for about 10 minutes.”

She added: “Cheryl’s already offered to babysit! She’s told me that she’s going to get a Moses basket at hers so that she can have the baby for the night if I’m struggling.

“It’s a brilliant idea, I love the plan, but I told her that I don’t know whether she’ll be saying that once the baby’s here! It’s really sweet and she definitely means it.”


Press Association