John Prescott is set to appear as a guest star in the series finale of
Gavin and Stacey.

The former deputy prime minister attends the wedding of man-eater Nessa, who has alluded to the Labour politician as a former flame in previous episodes.

Writing on his blog, he said: “I’ve got to say I thoroughly enjoyed my cameo in Gavin and Stacey – I’d heard about this running joke about me and this woman called Nessa in the series.

“Ruth (Jones), who plays Nessa, got in touch and asked if I’d be a sport and play a part.”

Ruth’s brash Welsh character frequently jokes about her former lovers and sexual conquests.

On her affair with Mr Prescott she said he gave her ‘full use of one of the Jags’.

When Nessa fell pregnant she even expressed regret he was not the baby’s father.

BBC bosses had kept the cameo secret but when the DVD of the third series was released this week, viewers spotted his face in the congregation.

Mr Prescott added: “Well the secret’s out… As for Nessa, I suppose I have to accept it appears I’ve lost out to a better man.”