Price reveals she miscarried just before split

Reality TV star Katie Price has admitted she lost a baby just weeks before her marriage to Peter Andre broke down.

Speaking to Piers Morgan in her first interview since the split, Price – aka glamour model Jordan, revealed that she was almost 10 weeks pregnant when doctors told her the tragic news that the foetus’ heartbeat had stopped.

She choked back tears as she said that the loss had been a massive blow for both her and Andre – but added that she never wanted to end her marriage to the singer, saying he was ‘my life’.

Price said that she fell pregnant while the couple were staying in Los Angeles for three months earlier this year – but problems arose when she returned home and had a scan in London.

“Even though we were still bickering and I shouldn’t have gone to America, we were happy because it’s a baby, it’s an amazing thing when you have a baby,” she told Morgan.

At the original scan the doctor could find no heartbeat, but there was still some hope the baby might still be alive and Price was told to come back in a few days.

“I went in thinking, ‘He’s going to be great, he’s going to see a heartbeat.’ And it was on the screen and you know they poke the thing around, he said, ‘No it’s, it’s died, it’s gone.'”

The model immediately terminated the pregnancy – just six days before she ran the London Marathon.

“I’m running along… and I’m trying to keep myself together, not to cry,” she confessed, “I just wanted to say to people, ‘Just leave me alone, I’ve just lost a baby.'”

Price also admitted in the interview that she fell in love with Andre ‘at first sight’ when she met him on the set of I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004.

“Honestly, I was so in love with him, like, it was driving me nuts. I fancied the pants off him, he was just my everything.

“We were – well I was – absolutely obsessed. Not obsessed in a bad way but just, he was my life.”

“I really believed I would be with him for ever. I never, ever in a million years thought I’d divorce.”

Meanwhile, Andre was said to be angry with Price for having spoken out about their loss.

His spokeswoman said: “It was Peter’s child as well and Peter is devastated that Kate has chosen to speak out about this and their marriage. It is a private matter.”

The full interview will be shown on ITV1 on Saturday at 9pm.