Prince Harry’s South Pole adventure for ITV

Prince Harry is racing to the South Pole alongside wounded service men and women in a new two-part ITV documentary, Harry’s South Pole Heroes.

Cameras follow them all as they race along 335km of Antarctica’s toughest and coldest terrain, trying desperately to make it to the South Pole.

Against the stunning Antarctica backdrop, Harry will also hear inspiring and emotional stories of wounded servicemen and women from across the world, many of whom have had to overcome life-changing injuries.

Teams from the UK, US and Commonwealth are competing in the Walking With The Wounded-organised South Pole Allied Challenge 2013, with the UK team to be joined by Prince Harry. 

The UK team includes double leg amputee Duncan Slater, who believes limitations are only in the mind; arm amputee Ibrar Ali MC, a member of the Yorkshire Regiment, who walks in memory of two colleagues killed in action; left leg amputee Kate Philp, the first British woman to lose a limb on the frontline; and right leg amputee Guy Disney.

Training is already underway with the teams set to arrive on Antarctica in November.

Speaking at the launch of the South Pole Allied Challenge 2013, Prince Harry said: “These men and women have given their all in the cause of freedom, in our cause, and that they should once again step into the breach, this time facing down the extreme physical and mental challenges of trekking to the south pole, just underlines their remarkable qualities.”

The ITV series is set to air in 2014, after the amazing challenge has been completed.